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Strange Stories From History

Fact can indeed be stranger than fiction. The author, George Cary Eggleston, chose the word "strange" in the title of his book, from which all these stories are taken, not in the sense of "weird" but with the idea of unusual. He searched events in history for little-known incidents and re-told them for pre-teen/teen audiences while staying strictly with the facts of each case. They make for fascinating reading.

Relax, practice your reading skills and learn things that very few, if any, of your friends know. Your history teacher might even be surprised!

Note: Some place and people names may be challenging to pronounce.

Jean Cavalier: The Boy Commander Of The Camisards

The Troublesome Burghers

How The City Of Refuge Fought For Liberty

The Sad Story Of A Boy King

The Story Of A Remarkable French Winter Campaign

The Story Of Catherine

The Scullion Who Became A Sculptor

The Boyhood Of William Chambers

The Wickedest Man In The World

The Prince Would Not Stay Dead

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