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--- Reading Instruction Methods

---Maximize Your Lesson Time

Why Reading Is Important

--- Reading Strategy

---The Joy Of Learning

---Why Phonics?

---The Importance Of Reading

---The Importance Of Thinking

The Letter Sounds

--- Teaching The Alphabet To Your Children

--- Whispered Letters

--- The Nine Sounds Of “A”

--- Working With Syllables

---I Before E Except After C?

---Help Stamp Out Consonant Blends

---Does The Letter "C" Have A Purpose?

--- Children's Book Review Form

Reading Instruction: Why Dick And Jane Can’t Read

--- Stages Of Reading

--- How To Read Using The Brain Correctly

--- Learning Disabilities

---Are Dolch Word Lists Necessary

---Retraining The Brain

---How To Fail At Spelling

---How Complicated Is Reading?

---Why Do Girls Read Better Than Boys?



Reading Help And Fun

--- Free Reading Worksheets

--- Fun With Words

--- Word Origins And Interesting Facts

--- Word Definitions And Usage

--- Free McGuffey Readers

History Stories

--- Short History Stories

--- Strange Stories From History

--- Ten Boys Of History

--- Children's Answers To Prayer

The Gospel Of Luke

Full-Length Stories


Frequently Asked Questions

--- What Is The Best Age To Learn To Read?

--- ESL - Learning English As A Second Language

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