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Below are free reading worksheets. In fact they are much more, they are classic books rewritten in one syllable words [with a very few exceptions]. You may think that a one syllable word story can't be very interesting, but you will be amazed at how many one syllable words there really are!

Each book is about ninety pages long. That's over ninety pages reading practice arranged in an interesting story. Print off the reading worksheets and have your child or student pronounce each word as they read the story. If they don't already know the letter sounds, they should be taught before the reading worksheets are used. If you are in the Academic Associates program, students should be able to read many of the words without help after lesson four.

There are three books free for you to download and print off. They are in PDF format. They are great for the beginning reader. Of the three I believe Swiss Family Robinson is the best.

Swiss Family Robinson is about a family who is shipwrecked on a tropical island. They must use their wits to survive as they build a new life for themselves and face dangers from sharks and giant boas among other things. It is divided into chapters and younger readers often get joy from being able to read a "chapter" book. It is a good story with no negative elements.

Download Swiss Family Robinson. File size 164 KB.

Robinson Cursoe is also the story of a shipwreck. Unlike Swiss Family Robinson, Cursoe is the sole survivor. He must fend for himself and fight against cannibals and "wild men." Although rewritten in one syllable words, this story is for older readers and the end can be a bit confusing. It is not divided into chapters. Also, one must understand the times when it is written as Robinson Cursoe, at points in the story, both becomes a slave and owns slaves. Nevertheless, it is a good read.

Download Robinson Crusoe. File size 161 KB.

Pilgrim's Progress in one syllable words is the classic Christian allegory. Christian leaves the City of Destruction to brave the dangers of the journey to the Celestial City. This also includes the adventures of Christiana as she and her family set out after Christian. This is more difficult to read than the above two stories because the names have to be left in multi-syllable words.

Download Pilgrim's Progress. File size 532 KB.

Free McGuffey Readers

Keep your eye out for other great free books and stories!

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