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Reading Lessons

Welcome. Just think - in these twelve reading lessons you will go from a non-reader or poor reader to being able to read the majority of words in the English language!  A new world of information and entertainment awaits you!  We offer the best English reading instruction method in the world. If you want to know why, read this article by our founder, Cliff Ponder. If you have other questions you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

View a short YouTube video.

Now is your decision time. Do you want to invest in these reading lessons to open up new worlds for yourself or your loved one?  You can take this course either in person [if you live in Vernon, BC] or via the Internet from anywhere in the world. There is nothing holding you back from fulfilling your dream of learning to read or learning to read better. Just twelve lessons, which take an average of 30 to 60 hours of instruction to complete, and a new world will open up before you. Contact us immediately to launch into your new reading program. It doesn't matter if you have tried and failed with other programs, you can read. The cost is small considering the life-time benefits you will receive.

If you have not signed up for our reading lessons and would like more information, then please use the Contact button or see our FAQ page.

To get the most out of your reading lesson time, read these tips.

Reading Lesson Payment

NOTE THIS IS FOR REGISTERED STUDENTS ONLY. You must have contacted us via e-mail or phone and have received instructions BEFORE paying for lessons. Please note: The charge to your Credit Card will read JOSHUACUBC.

Lesson cost in Canadian Dollars is:
$60.00 per hour or
$180.00 for four hours [can apply to second lesson on]
$30.00 for 1/2 lessons [recommended only for students with very short attention spans]
$15.00 for assessment test [refunded in first lesson]
$45.00 for first lesson [includes assessment test refund].

Purchase Class

For payments not listed in the options above, use this button.

Below is the link that will take you to your classroom when it is your lesson time. I suggest you bookmark it. The password will be sent upon successful registration and payment.

Learn To Read Classroom 1

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