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Reading Help

By Glenn Davis

The world of words is a great place, but we all have needed reading help. Those marks on paper can be frustrating and embarrassing if we don't know what they mean. Sometimes it is more than just inconvenient. It can be dangerous if, for example, a person cannot correctly read the instructions on a medicine bottle. And, let's face it, there was a time when all of us were in the dark. None of us was born knowing how to read.  For some of us, the light was turned on early as we received the reading help we needed. For others, it has been a lifetime struggle with those mysterious lines and swirls.

Reading help is available for those who need of - of any age.

Reading, unlike spoken language, is a learned skill. Those who are older and need reading help are no less intelligent than those who no longer need reading instruction. Many adults who struggle with reading English are highly intelligent people.  The vast majority of times the only difference in reading skill levels is in the method used to teach the skill. [Possibly the whole word method was originally introduced to slow down the reading process purposely.] Everyone who can speak English can learn to read English. The Academic Associate program's phonetic approach has proven extremely effective with providing reading help to those who are still struggling. Students are led through all the phonetic rules one small step at a time. Patient repetition and reenforcement aid in mastering this reading skill, even for those who struggle the hardest and feel it cannot be. Faces radiate with excitement as they discover that, yes, they too can read. We should all be on the same page!

Whether you are a client or a visitor, I trust you will enjoy our pages below. They are not directly part of the program, but they should be fun and educational for all. And don't forget, if you are a visitor, it's easy to become a client and reach your reading potential in our reading help step-by-step program. Everyone can learn to read!

Reading Help Activities

Free Reading Worksheets

Fun With Words

Word Origins And Interesting Facts

Word Definitions And Usage

Free McGuffey Readers

Share your own children's book review. It's simple and easy!

I trust you will enjoy these free resources.  But if you, or a loved one, struggle with reading, our program will help you master this vital skill.  On average, a student completes our entire program with only 30 to 60 hours of instruction.  They have then read thousands of words and are equipped to read whatever material is of interest.  Don't be held back in life by poor reading skills.  Invest in your future or the future of your loved one.  Send us an email today for more information!

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