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Lost Treasures

"Come, Mamie, darling," said Mrs. Peterson, "before you go into the land of dreams you will kneel at my knee and thank your heavenly Father for what he has given you today."

Mamie came slowly towards her mother, and said, "I've been very naughty, and I can't pray, Mama."

"If you've been naughty dear, that is the more reason that you need to pray."

"But, Mama, I don't think God wants little girls to come to Him when they are naughty."

"You are not naughty now, my dear, are you?"

"No, I am not naughty now."

"Well, then come at once."

"What shall I say to God about it, Mama?"

"You can tell God how very sorry you are."

"What difference will that make?"

"When we have told God that we are sorry, and when he has forgiven us, then we are as happy as if we had not done wrong; but we cannot undo the mischief."

"Then, Mama, I can never be quite as rich as if I had not had a naughty hour today."

"Never, my dear; but the thought of your loss may help you to be more careful in the future, and we will ask God to keep you from sinning against him again."


The Dying Girl's Prayer
For Her Father

A child from a poor family had an intemperate father, who often used to abuse his wife and children. This child had been to the Sunday School-- had become pious. The physician told the father that his little girl would die. No! he did not believe it. Yes, she will--she must die in a few hours. The father hastened to the bedside; would not part with her, he said.

"Yes, father, you must part with me; I am going to Jesus. Promise me two things. One is, that you won't abuse mother any more, and will drink no more whiskey."

He promised in a solemn, steady manner. The little girl's face lighted up with joy.

"The other thing is, promise me that you will PRAY," said the child.

"I cannot pray; don't know how," said the poor man.

"Father, kneel down, please. There, take the words after me. I will pray--I learned how to pray in Sunday School and God has taught me how to pray, too; my heart prays, and you must let your heart pray. Now say the words."

And she began in her simple language to pray to the Savior of sinners. After a little he began to repeat after her; as he went on his heart was interested, and he broke out into an earnest prayer for himself; bewailed his sins, confessed and promised to forsake them; entered into covenant with God; light broke out in his darkness; how long he prayed he did not know; he seemed to have forgotten his child in his prayer. When he came to himself he raised his head from the bed on which he had rested it; there lay the little speaker, a lovely smile was upon the face, her hand was in that of the father, but she had gone to be among the angels.

--Power of Prayer by Prime.