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History Stories

History is full of great stories to practice reading. Some of the strangest stories are true. If fiction writers had told them we would have shaken our heads is disbelief. Deeds of courage and cowardice fill our 6,000 or so years of human existence. In the pages below you will read of the tragic children’s crusade as thousands of young people marched to the Holy Land in a futile attempt to liberate it. You will also read of the shocking Indian trick which allowed a brave to consistently sneak up and kill British sentries. And you will thrill to the courage of two young girls whose quick thinking saved their town from an enemy invasion. Be sure not to miss the brave queen who risked her life in a plot to steal a crown and place it on her infant son’s head. Its all here and much more.

These stories are not part of the Academic Associate program, but students and teachers may want to use them to practice reading. Some of the more difficult words are linked to an on-line dictionary to make reading easier, although Academic Associate students who are nearing the end of the course should not have difficulty with the majority of the words. Some of these history stories have foreign names and places or slang which can make the stories more difficult to read, and the teacher may need to help the student with them. Where possible the slang has been replaced and the foreign names and places linked to an on-line dictionary the first time they are used.

History is not boring, but filled excitement and surprise! So sit down with a hot cup of tea and let the time slip away as you enjoy these stories. Or send your reading students here to practice their skills.

History Alive

Short History Stories

Ten Boys Of History

Children's Answers To Prayer

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