G.A. Henty

Historical Adventure Stories

G. A. Henty [George Alfred] wrote historical fiction for young people in the late 1800's. His stories young characters interact with historical people or are caught up in dramatic events of history. His descriptions place the reader in a front row seat as great events unfold. He wrote 122 books the vast majority of which were these historical novels for young people.

The prejudices of the times in which he lived comes out in some of his books and he was a strong supporter of the British Empire. We are all influenced to a degree by the society around us and the nation in which we live, and should keep in mind the society in which he lived especially when he writes about what would have been to him "current events." Of course, Henty's stories cover major events throughout history including the Fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 and Wulf The Saxon.

His books have become popular with some homeschoolers and all his juvenile books are available in print.

In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers. First published in 1900.

Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades. First published in 1895.

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