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Full Length Stories for Pre-Teens and Above

Below are stories presented for your reading pleasure and development.  Enjoy the historical fiction of G. A. Henty, the adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson and more.  Each chapter is its own page and "page breaks" have been placed to make it easier to find your spot if you don't finish the chapter in one reading.  Also, for those using these stories to teach reading, the "page breaks" are an excellent place to pause and ask comprehension questions.  I have done minor editing to up-date some of the expressions. I trust you will enjoy these stories.

Full-length adventure stories for free.

G. A. Henty

In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers - First published in 1900

Eighteen year-old William Harland comes to the aid of a Mexican being attacked by thugs.  He is then invited to stay at a large ranch.  Exciting adventures follow as he has to deal with murderous bandits, a vicious Indian raid and the mysterious and deadly cave dwellers.  Set in a time when Mexico still controlled what is now the western United States.

Winning His Spurs - First published in 1895.

Fifteen year-old Master Cuthbert faces many challenges and dangers during the time of the crusades.

Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Arrow - First Published 1888

An exciting 'Robin Hood' style adventure by the man who wrote the famous 'Treasure Island.'  Don't miss this one!

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