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In The Hands Of
The Cave Dwellers

BY G. A. HENTY [1900]

In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers is an exciting historical novel.  Eighteen year-old William Harland comes to the aid of a Mexican being attacked by thugs.  He is then invited to stay at a large cattle ranch.  Exciting adventures follow as he has to deal with murderous bandits, a vicious Indian raid and the mysterious and deadly cave dwellers.  Set in a time when Mexico still controlled what is now the western United States.

Each chapter is a separate page to make it easy to find your place.  Remember, if you are reading this on a computer, you can double-click on any word for its definition.

In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers free book.


Chapter 1 - A Midnight Attack
Chapter 2 - A Hearty Welcome
Chapter 3 - An Ambush
Chapter 4 - A Great Ranch
Chapter 5 - An Indian Raid
Chapter 6 - Hopeful News
Chapter 7 - The Pursuit
Chapter 8 - The Cave Dwellers
Chapter 9 - Rescued

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