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Glenn and Diane Davis are the owners/operators of Academic Associates Prince George and the World. They have lived in Prince George, BC for over 14 years. Both, in the past, have been Supervisors in private ACE schools. Currently Diane is a stay-at-home mom and Glenn works at the Real Canadian Superstore.

Both Glenn and Diane traveled to California to be trained by Academic Associates founder Cliff Ponder and his wife, Betty. Having graduated as Reading Instruction Specialists in the Academic Associates program, Glenn and Diane opened their own Reading Center in Prince George, BC in 2006.

Glenn and Diane have a recently moved to beautiful Vernon, BC.  In this quiet and relaxing atmosphere students are trained in their reading skills. It only takes an average of 30 - 60 hours to complete the program. Diane has enjoyed working with younger students, while Glenn has helped adult students in developing their reading skills. Over the Internet, Glenn has taught students as far away as Australia.

Glenn and Diane Davis

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Glenn and Diane Davis

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I...wanted to let you know that [my daughter] got a wonderful report card and some great feedback regarding her reading and has been saying that she wanted to get back to Prince George so she could go back to her tutor. Coming from an eight year-old on the verge of summer holidays [that] is a big compliment...

Michelle F., Prince George

My grade one son is at the top of his class in reading. I am so glad for Diane.

Tammy S., Prince George

I am happy to say that I have completed the Academic Associates Reading Program. This program gave me the tools to enhance my reading skills. Most of all this program has taken down the walls that have hindered me from advancing in life. I am very grateful...Diane is an awesome instructor...She makes this program fun and I have looked forward to our sessions.

Darlene, Prince George

Academic Associate Program Stories

"I'm in sixth-grade. I used to be the worst reader in my class. Not long after I started to go to Academic Associates I found that I could read whatever I could get my hands on. After just a few weeks I caught up to the rest of the class. Now I am the best reader in the class. I was also the worst speller in my class. Now I am one of the best. If they can do that for me, they can do it for you."-Josh

Thirteen year-old Kevin always had trouble with reading. He felt embarrassed when others read better than he did. But listen to him now. "When I first came to your clinic, I thought it would be the same as all the others I had tried. But it helped me more than all the others. I can understand what I read, and it helped me with spelling, too. Thank you!! Forever!! -Sincerely, Kevin" After only 46 hours at Academic Associates, Kevin is reading above grade level for the first time in his life.

"My name is Tania. I'm 15 years old. Reading was always very hard for me. I felt inadequate because all my friends read very well. I used to get discouraged trying to do my homework. After taking the Academic Associates course I can read with the best of them. My grades improved and so did my confidence. If you have a reading problem you should take this course." Tania is very bright. Her reading level rose from 3rd to 10th grade level within two months.

"Cassie struggled with reading, but in just the second lesson at Academic Associates, she loved doing it and didn't want any help. She raced through each line. She only mispronounced about one word in every fifty. For a six year-old, that is fabulous! She shows such confidence and such an increase in speed I can hardly believe this is the same child as just one week ago."-Charlan Pennington, mother

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