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About Us

Glenn and Diane Davis are the owners/operators of Academic Associates Vernon/Prince George and the World. After eighteen years in Prince George, they moved to Vernon where they have lived for five years. Both, in the past, have been Supervisors in private ACE schools. Currently Diane teaches reading to students in their home and over the Internet.  Glenn works at the Real Canadian Superstore.  He also writes exciting science fiction stories for adventure lovers of all ages.  Stay up-to-date on new stories at El Empire or on social media at El Empire MeWe.

Both Glenn and Diane traveled to California to be trained by Academic Associates founder Cliff Ponder and his wife, Betty. Having graduated as Reading Instruction Specialists in the Academic Associates program, Glenn and Diane opened their own Reading Center in Prince George, BC in 2006.

Glenn and Diane currently live in beautiful Vernon, BC.  In this quiet and relaxing atmosphere students are trained in their reading skills. It only takes an average of 30 - 60 hours to complete the program. Diane has enjoyed working with younger students, while Glenn has helped adult students in developing their reading skills. Over the Internet, Glenn has taught students as far away as Australia.  Diane has taught students in Canada and the United States.

Glenn and Diane Davis

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Glenn and Diane Davis

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