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SBI Review

If you have read anything on my websites, you will know I tend to be a “let’s get to point” type of person.  And I do not often relate personal stories or information [except a brief About Us page], although I know that is the popular way of doing things.  I would rather have people consider what I write from the information than from whether they like or dislike me personally.  I’m not saying it is the right or best way to do things, just the way I tend to be.

However, I am writing an SBI review for a couple of reasons I will share below.

In The Beginning...

When I first started out on the Internet I joined a company where I paid for the ability to have up to 500 pages but it was on their domain name. I was just a sub-domain.  It was cheap and I put a lot of work into writing articles that basically stayed invisible.  One day the unexpected happened [unexpected for a newbie like me anyway].  The company went out of business…and all my pages were gone!  No warning.  One day they were there, the next day they were not.

That’s when I first determined to have my own domain name and second to search for a reliable company to work with.  It needed to be one that was easy to use.  I am a “point and click” Mac user and, although I know a little basic HTML, I don’t know enough to design things from scratch.  To be honest I have no real interest in learning computer programming.  I know what I want to do and I want a program that will do it.

Discovery Of Site Build It

It was so long ago I don’t remember how I found SBI [Site Build It then, recently renamed to Solo Build It].   It was probably by a Google search or SBI review.  When joining SBI the first thing you get is the ACTION GUIDE.  10 Days of instructions on how to build your business.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed.  I like to do things!  I wanted to build my site!  In the Action Guide you don’t even choose a domain name until Day 5 [but you are taught how to choose the right domain name]!  Why is that?

I’ll tell you why.  SBI is not about you throwing up a website [or multiple websites] with false promises of Internet wealth pouring into your lap.  SBI is about you finding your perfect place in the Internet world [i.e. what you enjoy and what others are looking for] and teaching you how to develop it into a real business to earn real income.  It is not instant.  So the Action Guide is not just about how to use the tools, but it is about how to lay a solid foundation for your business.  I will warn you right here:  If you are a glitter monkey always jumping after the next shiny object, SBI is not for you.  You need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

So what about the actual program itself?  The Action Guide will take you through how to use every aspect of the program.  It really is point and click easy with tremendous flexibility.  Having said that, there is a learning curve.  But once you have mastered it you can build great looking pages in minutes.  If you need to add HTML code for some reason, you can also do that.  In the old system I didn’t like the way of adding links so often I would just use HTML; however, on the new upgraded system adding links is easy and quick.  [If you want to design a site from scratch there is a way to do that too - but that is not in my interest zone.]  

SBI provides every tool you need for your success unless you have something highly specialized.  [For example, even through SBI has a good autoresponder system I use a third party because I need fuller system.]  So once you have SBI you should never need to buy another thing - a true all-in-one package to build your online business or support an offline one.  In all the years I have worked with SBI I do not remember them ever increasing the cost yet they are continually improving and adding new features.  

Ken, the owner, and his team constantly search the Internet for what is new and upcoming.  They use good judgment and patience to see what is really important and what is just a passing fad [cutting edge vs. bleeding edge].  When major issues arise, like Google changing how they evaluate sites, they do in-depth studies and pass on the information to their members.  

On the rare occasions that I have had to email SBI support I have always found them prompt to respond, courteous, and knowledgable. 

One thing I have always appreciated is SBI’s emphasis on keeping it real. SBI encourages its members to focus on providing valuable content for human visitors.  Even the Analyze It function [which tells you how well each page is from a search engine point-of-view] reminds you that if it is a choice between making the page look good for the search engine or a human visitor go with the human visitor every time.  [I noticed an “SBI review” which stated that SBI taught it's members to manipulate the search engines.  This is a total lie that anyone who has actually used SBI could expose.]  Ultimately the search engines are looking for good visitor experiences and so that will win long term.

Why This SBI Review?

So why did I take the time to write this?

The first reason is that whether you are a visitor to one of my sites or simply found this SBI review through a search, you deserve the truth.  Your money is valuable and your time is irreplaceable.  I do not want to see you waste either.  I assume, being here, you are looking for an internet business and, as in my second reason, there is currently a lot of misinformation being promoted about SBI.  You deserve to be able to evaluate the facts and make your own decision on what is best for you and your goals.  I am a real SBI customer and have been so for many years.

The second reason I have written this SBI review is that recently SBI has come under attack by a company called Wealthy Affiliate whose members often write fake SBI reviews with false information.  This, in my opinion, is an underhanded attempt to prejudice people against SBI while earning a commission by appearing to write “neutral” SBI reviews and then “recommending” Wealthy Affiliate as a superior choice.  I have nothing against competition and if they genuinely believe their product is better then, yes, they should say so.  [Although a look at this detailed Study - which you can personally verify - proves how inferior their product is.]  But when people deliberate spread false information about a competitor to ruin another man’s business [and the 1,000’s of businesses he has helped make successful] they need to be exposed.  

In an unrelated matter, I am involved in a situation where people who one would expect to be honest and ethical are acting without integrity attempting to destroy a man who has been their mentor for over 40 years.  It still boggles my mind.  So when I see a situation like this where misinformation is being used to trick people into purchasing a product while at the same time attempting to destroy an honest business, I see red.

While I am not one of SBI’s great success stories, [although you can research them for yourself here and here - real people with real businesses] I can tell you that I am perfectly satisfied with SBI.  In fact, I own three SBI sites:

1.  My original one -,com with 500+ pages and growing,

2. - which is my most successful one and supports my wife’s offline reading business, and

3.  my new baby - - which began in Dec. 2016.

Personally, I would actually work with an inferior product if the company leadership were people of integrity rather than a superior product with company leadership that lacks integrity.  I am extremely happy that I do not have to make that choice.  With SBI I have a superior product and have confidence in the integrity of the leadership team.  

Am I an SBI affiliate?  Yes, but none of the links on this page is an affiliate link.  In other words, if you go to SBI and join from a link on this page I will earn zero.  And that is ok.  In the true spirit of SBI, I want you to be successful whether there is any personal benefit to me or not.  

If you have any doubts of the value of SBI vs Wealthy Affiliate but sure to read and verify for yourself The Study.