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By Glenn Davis

I have always had a love of books. I like to be around them even if I am not reading them. My office has three book cases, our waiting room has two book cases, we have a library room, and we have a large bookcase in our living room! It is a good thing my wife also likes books [although she thinks I am a little extreme] or I would be in the dog house all the time. Our reading ranges from Dr. Seuss to Systematic Theology, from the Hardy Boys to the classics. One of my favorite authors, even as an adult, is Enid Blyton and, of course, who can forget the many hours of pleasure with C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Researchers have said that if you want your children to be good readers, have books around. An educational supplier, called A.C.E., had the saying, "You teach a little by what you say, more by what you do, but most of all by what you are." This is true of reading. As your children see you reading - that it's something important to you - they begin to develop an interest in books as well. Even when your children are at a young age have picture books for them to look at and enjoy.

If you know our Academic Associates program, you know we don't use pictures when teaching reading as they hinder the reading processes, but pictures certainly enhance the reading experience when reading for pleasure.

One word of caution: Books can be your best friends...or your worst enemies. They can train you in truth or deceive you with lies. They can entertain you for many pleasurable hours or steal your time. Choose your books with care - not just the books you give your children, but also the books you read yourself. They can change your life for better or worse.


It has been awhile since we published a newsletter. During that time our website has received thousands of visitors from all over the world. It is good to see so much interest in the subject of reading. Reading is so important in our modern world. We are looking forward to a great Fall season with our clients and looking forward to welcoming new clients both in person and over the Internet.

Our Internet experiment has been a success. Everything has gone smoothly even with a student as far away as Australia - just had to get the time zones straight!


If you have any questions or comments please drop us a note. In previous newsletters we presented serial stories for teens and older. If you would like to see that feature return, let me know. Don't forget to recommend Learn To Read Prince George and the World to your friends. Reading is a skill that everyone who can speak can acquire.

We trust we will see you here next time.

Yours in life building,
Glenn and Diane Davis
Learn To Read Prince George and the World

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