Children's Answers To Prayer

The stories below are true stories taken from a book called: Children's Edition Of Touching Incidents And Remarkable Answers To Prayer [writers of 100 years or so ago seem to like long titles!] by S. B. Shaw.

"We are sure these stories will interest you children (and most older people, too). Especially good and true stories like these. In all that we have selected there are precious lessons of kindness and sympathy and obedience, gratitude, courage, and faithfulness: then there are two other very important lessons which I wish you to learn. The first is that children can be and should be true Christians, that is, have their sins forgiven for Jesus' sake and their hearts changed so that they love God and the right and hate everything that is wrong. The second lesson is that we must be Christians to be ready to live or ready to die. You will find in this book several accounts of happy deaths of Christian children, and you will find also much that tells of the good done by happy Christian children that lived." Mrs. S. B. Shaw.

These short stories will make good and encouraging reading and students of Academic Associates should be able to read them without difficulty. I have done some minor editing to update some of the language.

The Child Heroine Of New Brunswick

Annie And Vanie's First Real Prayer

God Heals A Blind Girl

Does This Railroad Go To Heaven?

The Young Martyr

A Child's Prayer Answered

The Converted Infidel

The Stowaway

The Golden Rule Exemplified

The Little Girl Who Died To Save Her Father's Life

How A Little Girl Used The Telephone

Lost Treasures

Jesus Answers Ruth's Prayer

With more to come...

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